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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why I have a pink pacifier

I'll tell you why. We had a bit of an adventure today! Mama took me to the pool to swim this morning and when we left, she changed my diaper in the front passenger seat. Then she picked me up, leaving everything in the car (including her cell phone) and unlocked the other doors so she could take me around to my carseat. To my Mama's surprise, she didn't unlock the doors after all---she locked them! So, there we are, standing outside our locked car in the heat with no cell phone, no keys, no pants on--just my diaper, and my mama even locked her tank top in the car, so she just has her swimsuit top on with shorts! Poor us. Luckily, Mandy was at the pool and she rescued us by taking us to Johnny and Angie's house, right down the street. Johnny has Daddy's cell numer, which my mama does not know--is that right? Too bad it was past my naptime and I needed to be fussy. Oh well, I got to drink red cool-aid at Johnny and Angie's house, eat Cheerios, cheese, and turkey, and see a cute little girl! My mama tried to get me to take a nap in the pack-n-play, but I would have none of that!!! No way!!! Caroline even let me have one of her pink pacifiers that she hadn't used so maybe I could sleep better, but I still didn't want to do it. I was on an adventure! Mama, you can finish the rest.....
Ok, so the whole thing lasted about 2 hours and to make a long story a bit longer, Jason didn't have to come home like we thought he was going to. We remembered that when we bought this car, it came with Onstar.....we didn't even know if we still had it though. Sure enough, Jason called and they unlocked our car!!! It was amazing. So there's our adventure for the day and here's Kai with his pink pacifier!
I am so so so thankful that I did not lock the keys in the car with him in it! I would have busted a window in no time. And thankfully Mandy was there or we would have been walking in the 100 degree heat!!!


The Durham's said...

Oh, friend! Bless your heart! I am so glad you had someone to take you to your friends house because that heat would have been torture! What a story you will remember forever:) You are such a good mama:)

Mandy said...

You are an amazing mama! I am so thankful that I had decided to go to the pool that day (a God thing, I am sure!). I love the pink pacifier. That was sweet of Caroline to know real men wear pink!

Love you guys!

Abby said...

Surprise! It's Abby from KS! I found you... Your mother told me about your website almost two years ago now... I hope you check these. I am new to blogging, but I think this is the only way to contact you. I love your work, it's beautiful. God has blessed you with amazing talent, as well as a beautiful family. You know about the pool incident, praise God, for his provision, that you had him out of the vehicle... Anyway, I enjoy viewing your work.

Jen said...

Love that story!!